Jan Hornford

Jan Hornford

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I have always felt a kinship with Nature. My love for the Earth and her Beings led me to study Zoology. I received a First-Class Honours BSc degree in Zoology from the University of Alberta in 1987. My studies helped me understand the animals' ways and learn more about the ecosystems that sustain us; however, I came to understand that Science did not hold all the answers.

In time, I discovered the Shamanic and Druidic paths. The world came alive again for me – full of mystery and wonder. These traditions held ancient wisdom that was seeking to be reborn in the modern world. These were practices that made sense to me that allowed me to weave together the biology of the animals with their Spirit strengths. These practices treated all life with honour and respect and acknowledged the seen and unseen worlds.

I have been on a Nature-based spiritual path for many years. I have had the privilege to study with Shaman Manfred Lukas and Mona Wind, a Teacher and Practitioner of the Mystery Schools of Energy. I am a full Druid member of The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator. I am a trained Life Coach and a Master Retreat Coach certified by Helene Van Manen.

I am grateful that each day the plants and animals, the stars and stones, the wind and rain, guide and teach me. I have found a life rich with meaning through my relationship with Nature. I wish to help you rekindle your relationship with Nature to receive the Earth's Wisdom, discover your Inner Knowing, and connect with Spirit through Nature's teachings.

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