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Earth Wisdom: Connect with Nature and your Inner Self

We have all experienced the beauty and wonder of Nature. During the pandemic, many of us discovered how essential the natural world is to our health and well-being.

There is wisdom that lives in the Earth. Our ancestors carried this knowledge and engaged with the Earth in a profound way. They knew how to listen to the trees and animals and follow the rhythm of Nature's cycles. Over time, we have become disconnected from the natural world. We have lost touch with our instinctive Self in a society that seems to honour the intellect over intuition.

It is time to rediscover the power of Nature and the wild wisdom that lives within us. Let the Earth fill your awareness, awaken your senses, and remind you that the world is alive, and you are a part of that aliveness. Seek the earth wisdom, hear the language of plants and stones, listen to the song of the trees. A respectful relationship with Nature offers peace, joy, inspiration, and guidance.

My upcoming book: Earth Wisdom: Connect with Nature and your Inner Self, will show you how to rekindle your relationship with Nature.

When you live in a relationship with the natural world, you find more peace and joy in your life. You understand that you are not alone but connected to everyone and everything.

I invite you to come with me on a journey into Nature

Jan Hornford Discover how Nature can help you access your personal wisdom and intuition.
Learn to listen to the Source of Life that flows through all things.
Discover your body's innate wisdom and how to work with your physical senses.
Learn to commune with the elements, the trees, and the animals.
Find a source of personal power through your Power Animal
Express your creativity, even if you think you're not creative.
Create a ceremony for connection and guidance.
Develop a spiritual practice that is uniquely your own.
Discover how living in tune with Nature's rhythms fosters healing and transformation.

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