Druidry for Modern Times or Living as a Druid Today. Nov 24, 2021

Druidry conjures images of standing stones, sacred groves, and old men with long beards and wizard staffs; but what does it mean to be living as a Druid in today’s world? Join Druid Jan Hornford to discover how this ancient wisdom has been reborn for modern times and can support you to live a more fulfilling life. 

Druidry is a path that offers personal growth and spiritual transformation. It fosters a connection with our ancestors, communion with the natural world, and an awareness of the seen and unseen worlds. Druidry is not a religion but a way of living that honours and respects all Beings. It is a uniquely personal path that fosters peace, creative expression, and integrity through listening to the teachings of nature, the wisdom of the ancestors, and your Inner Guidance. 

For me, Druidry has been the path home to my deepest Soul Self, helping me rekindle my relationship with the heart of Nature and to connect with the underlying intelligence of Spirit that informs All That Is. In this relationship I have found deep peace, joy, healing, and power. I invite you to join me and  


Druidry as a path that reconnects you to Nature and to Spirit 
The importance of ancestral wisdom and the power of story and myth 
Why trees are so special to Druids 
Simple and profound practices that support you to live in harmony with Nature 
Your Tree Spirit Guide through a guided visualization 

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